Custom Design

We can offer you a complete wedding stationery and if needed a mailing service.

1. You can work with us to customise a design that is exactly what you want and in keeping with the rest of your wedding.
2. You can choose from our online portfolio of stationery already designed by us.
3. You can choose from our portfolio and to save some money choose the DIY option.


Below is a list of the usual items needed in a wedding stationery set.

Save the Date

This serves as a notice to guests that you have set the date for your Wedding Day. It is not an offical invitation but is very useful for guests who may have to travel a long distance. It can be sent up to a year in advance.

Day Invitation

This is the offical invitation to the ceremony and reception.

Evening Invitation

This is an invitation to the evening celebrations only, usually after the meal.

Reply Card

This can be a small card and envelope (similar in design to the rest of the set), sent with the invitations. Invitees return the card indicating whether they will be able to attend your wedding or not.

Mass/Service Booklet

The mass booklet details the order of service. It is also a chance for the bride and groom to thank their family and friends for their love and support.

Table Plan

The table plan informs guests of which table they are to be seated during the meal.

Place Cards

The place card informs guests where at the table they are to be seated during the meal.

Menu Cards

As with the rest of the stationery the menus are in keeping with the invitations. It informs guests of what will be served at the meal.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are sent to guests following the wedding to show the Bride and Groom’s appreciation for attending their wedding celebration and for gifts received. Make sure to add the personal touch in the thank you cards by keeping a record of what each person gave you.


Mailing Service

You provide us with an excel list of names and addresses and we will do the work for you.


Option 1

We print:

– Address Labels for the front of the main invitation envelopes and

Sender Labels for the back of the envelopes.

– Address Labels for the Reply Envelopes with your address on them.

– Address Labels and Sender Labels for the Thank You cards.

Option 2

All of option 1 plus the printing of

– the invitees names on individual invitations

– the invitees names on the reply cards