Wedding Stationery

We offer a complete Wedding Stationery service.  All of our stationery is hand crafted and we only use the highest quality card, paper and envelopes. We do not offer a set stationery package as each package is tailored to our clients needs.

The following are some of the Wedding Stationery products that we create.

Save the Date

This serves as a notice to guests that you have set the Wedding Day. It is not an offical invitation. Very useful for guests who may have to travel a long distance. It can be sent up to a year in advance.
Day Invitation

This is the official invitation to the ceremony and reception.
Evening Invitation

This is an invitation to the evening celebrations only, usually after the meal.
R.S.V.P Card

Usually a small card with an envelope, sent with the invitations. Invitees return the card indicating whether they will be in attendance or not.
Mass/Service Booklet

The mass booklet details the order of service, this can be in booklet or leaflet format. have a look in our Mass Booklet section for more information.

Place Cards

The place card informs guests where they are to be seated for the meal.
Menu Cards

Informs guests of the menu.
Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are sent to guests following the wedding to show the Bride and Groom’s appreciation for attending their wedding celebration and for gifts received.


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