Wedding Stationery Planning

Step 1:

Convince someone to marry you. If you manage this congratulations the hardest part is over, proceed to Step 2

Step 2:

Choose the right design to suit your wedding.

Step 3:

Save the Date cards let your friends and family know about your upcoming wedding day. They can be sent up to a year before the Wedding.

We can offer you a complete wedding stationery service. We will work with you to achieve a design that works for you. In keeping with the theme of the design that is realised we can offer the following stationery set components.


Wedding Stationery Sets Include:

  • Save the Date – This serves as a notice to guests that you have set the Wedding Day. It is not an offical invitation. Very useful for guests who may have to travel a long distance. It can be sent up to a year in advance.
  • Day Invitation – This is the offical invitation to the ceremony and reception.
  • Evening Invitation – This is an invitation to the evening celebrations only, usually after the meal.
  • R.S.V.P Card – Usually a small card with an envelope, sent with the invitations. Invitees return the card indicating whether they will be in attendance or not.
  • Mass/Service Booklet – The mass booklet details the order of service.
  • Place Cards – The place card informs guests where they are to be seated for the meal.
  • Menu Cards – Informs guests of the menu.
  • Thank You Cards – Thank you cards are sent to guests following the wedding to show the Bride and Groom’s appreciation for attending their wedding celebration and for gifts received.


Other Stationery We Provide

Social Stationery

We are pleased to offer a range of handcrafted and contemporary stationery for a variety of occasions.

Anniversary Announcements

Christening Invitations

Baby Announcements

Handcrafted Stationery

Contemporary Stationery – Photo Print Range
Mailing Service

Let Bluebell address and mail your invitations and announcements

You provide us with a word/excel list of names and addresses and we will do the work for you.

Advantages:  Cost-effective, Quick Turnaround, Saves You Time, Quality Look/Feel, Professional, Elegant, Addressed to Order, Coordinated Shipping.